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Bigfoot Endorses Donald Trump!

Bigfoot Endorses Donald Trump!

In a stunning paranormal and political development, legendary cryptid Bigfoot has emerged from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to endorse GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump!

The seemingly ageless mystery creature revealed that, in his region of the country, Bigfoot subsist on leftover Trump steaks and water that were dumped in the wilderness, aiding in the creatures' elusiveness.

But with the nation's future hanging in the balance, the cryptid decided to finally step forward and pledge allegiance to a cause: making America great again.

Calling himself the 'lead spokesfoot for the creatures' an eight-foot tall beast dubbed 'Larry Henderson' held a press conference for reporters.

Henderson cited Trump's strong stance against a wall along the Canadian border as well as his "penchant for winning" as factors which made the boisterous candidate's message particular compelling to the quasi-animals.

At the event, Henderson went on to explain, "the Bigfoot are masters of self-preservation and so it is only logical that we jump on the Trump Train now before Donald becomes president and offers a bounty on our heads for cash and prizes."

Despite suspicions from reporters because Bigfoot spoke perfect English and his fur appeared to be sewn onto a suit of some kind, every major broadcast network interrupted their regularly scheduled programming for the epic event.

Political pundits speculate that Bigfoot's surprising endorsement may have been a quid pro quo arrangement for the Secretary of Agriculture position, but a small swath of skeptics continue to insist that Bigfoot is still not real.

Whether their reticence to accept the arrival of the legendary creature within the world of partisan politics is due to preexisting party allegiances or that Henderson could just be a tall man in a costume will surely be debated in the press for weeks to come.

Washington insiders suspect that, with Hillary Clinton seemingly cornering the market on UFOs and Trump now backed by Bigfoot, the remaining presidential candidates may enlist their own paranormal surrogates.

To that end, Bernie Sanders was rumored to have been seen in Bakersfield, California having a clandestine meeting with a chupacabas this past weekend.

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