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Bigfoot Print Found in UK Forest?

A puzzling footprint discovered by a man walking his dog in a forest near the English city of Manchester has led some to suggest that it could have come from the legendary Bigfoot.

Jim Salveson noticed the weird, seemingly four-toed impression in some mud while visiting an area known as Kenworthy Wood.

Stumped by the strange discovery, which also seemed to have come from a bare foot and may have possessed lengthy claws, he thankfully photographed the print for posterity.

Since there is nothing near the print in the photograph to show scale, Salveson says that his own foot easily fit inside the impression.

As to whether or not it was a sign of Sasquatch, Salveson expressed skepticism of such a scenario, but did note that his dog often seems distracted by 'something' in the woods when they walk there.

Although British Bigfoot researchers have picked up on the print and proposed that it could have come from the creature, any hopes that it could solve the Sasquatch mystery are almost certainly in vain as we've seen from the countless plaster casts produced here in America.

Nonetheless, until a wildlife expert can suggest an animal that may have produced the print, we'll give Bigfoot the benefit of the doubt and hope that he's also hanging out across the pond.

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Source: The Sun

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