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Bigfoot Reportedly Spotted in NC

Bigfoot Reportedly Spotted in NC

The leader of a Bigfoot research group in North Carolina claims to have had a dramatic close encounter with the creature during an expedition on Friday night.

John Bruner, founder of the organization 'Bigfoot 911,' says that he and six other investigators were in a forested area of the state's McDowell County when the incident occurred.

According to him, the group had placed glow sticks in the woods because they believe that the illuminated objects can garner the attention of the cryptid.

In this instance, their suspicions appear to have been correct as Bruner spotted one of the sticks moving in the forest and quickly turned on his headlamp to see what was carrying the glowing object.

To his amazement, the light revealed a large, hairy, bipedal creature that one would assume was, in fact, Bigfoot!

Incredibly, Bruner decided to chase after it and eventually the two came face to face near a tree, where he purportedly got a very close look at the legendary creature.

"The hair was matted and stringy," Bruner told the Charlotte Observer, "the eyes were farther apart than human eyes."

The encounter only last about five or ten seconds before the Bigfoot took off running again and Bruner opted not to continue his pursuit, satisfied that he'd already gotten close enough to get a good look at it.

One only wishes that Bruner had been able to capture the moment on film or with a photograph, but it's easy to critique his tactics while sitting safely behind a computer as opposed to the otherworldly predicament he found himself in at the time.

No doubt the alleged encounter will fuel additional expeditions to the area in search of the creature and, hopefully, the group will manage to bring back some solid Bigfoot evidence some time in the future.

Source: Charlotte Observer

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