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Bigfoot Researcher Sues Canadian Government for Ignoring Sasquatch

Bigfoot Researcher Sues Canadian Government for Ignoring Sasquatch

A Sasquatch researcher in Canada has filed a civil lawsuit against the province of British Columbia claiming that the government has failed in their duty to protect Bigfoot!

Cryptozoologist Todd Standing charges that British Columbia's Ministry of Environment as well as its department of Fish and Wildlife have been shirking their Sasquatch responsibilities.

Specifically, he contends that the B.C. government is guilty of "dereliction of duty pertaining to the interests of an indigenous wildlife species."

As one can surmise, that species is Sasquatch and Standing believes that, should the lawsuit go to trial, he will prove the existence of the legendary creature once and for all.

In other to pull off this seemingly indomitable feat, the seasoned investigator intends to present the court with purported photos and video of the creature, physical evidence such as scat and hair, and an array of witness testimony ranging from academics to eyewitnesses.

One rather intriguing aspect of Standing's filing is that he is petitioning the court to provide him with a government-approved biologist to join on a three-month-long Sasquatch expedition in the region.

"This is our chance," he declared to the Vancouver Sun, "We're only going to get one shot at this and we need to succeed."

Whether his case actually winds up in court is, presumably, for the Canadian legal system to decide, although it appears that the attorney general of British Columbia is not too concerned as he mocked the case when asked by the newspaper about it.

Although Standing is seen as a controversial figure in Sasquatch circles, one can't help but admire his inspired attempt to prove the existence of Bigfoot via a legal route, since trying to convince scientists has proven to be a fruitless pursuit for decades.

And, considering that many places have laws protecting Bigfoot from hunters, there's always the possibility that the British Columbian government will enact some kind of ordinance that might allow for an area of wilderness to be set aside for the creature to live, whether it really exists or not.

That is, of course, assuming that the B.C. government can find a biologist willing to give up three months of their lives to venture into the woods with Standing to look for the creature.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about Standing's Sasquatch research can check out his 4/8/2007 appearance on the program.

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Source: Vancouver Sun

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