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Bizarre Car Crash Surprises Psychic

A psychic medium injured after a bizarre car crash in Canada had the perfect response to a reporter when asked about the odd event.

Clearly anticipating the obvious question concerning the accident and his psychic abilities, Blair Robertson joked to the Arizona Republic that "I didn't foresee it happening."

It's remarkable that Robertson could laugh about the event, considering the dramatic nature of the car crash which occurred in late May.

As he and a friend were having lunch at a restaurant in Ontario, a car suddenly came smashing through the window next to them and sent Robertson soaring through the air.

The Arizona resident wound up wedged between the car and a wall, suffering serious leg injuries as well as a number of other aches and pains from the ordeal.

Ironically, the friend that Robertson was dining with is also a psychic and he, too, did not have any premonition about the crash.

So while the pair of prognosticators may be scratching their heads over why their sixth sense gave no indication of the impending accident, at least they can rest easy knowing that Robertson's sense of humor is still rather sharp.

Source: Arizona Republic

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