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Bizarre Clown Encounter Reported in North Dakota

Bizarre Clown Encounter Reported in North Dakota

A group of children at an apartment complex in Fargo, North Dakota claim that they encountered a menacing clown with a knife and a man with a snake!

The strange scene unfolded on Saturday evening when the kids were approached by the two ne'er-do-wells, who allegedly asked the youngsters if they wanted to see a dead body and then threatened to kill them.

While one of the individuals was clad in a clown mask and wielded a knife, his companion may have been even more frightening as he carried with him a three-to-four-foot long boa constrictor.

As one might expect, the youngsters were terrified by the strangers and ran off to tell their parents about the incident, leading to local police being called to investigate.

Authorities say that they have identified the clown in question as well as his purported snake-toting friend and the duo may face felony charges for terrorizing should the state decide to proceed with the case.

With April showers having given way to May flowers, one can only hope that the warm weather soon to arrive throughout the country will not bring with it a return of the creepy clowns epidemic of last year.

Source: Fox News

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