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Bizarre Mass Hysteria Strikes Malaysian Schools

Bizarre Mass Hysteria Strikes Malaysian Schools

Malaysia finds itself in the grips of a strange case of mass hysteria spreading throughout the country's schools, with students reportedly being attacked by 'evil spirits.'

Over the last week, numerous institutions have been forced to send students home after they claimed that their bodies were being possessed by unknown entities.

Other students have claimed to be seeing the spirits of female vampires known in the Malaysian culture as 'pontianak.'

The puzzling epidemic appears to have taken hold in the country as an increasing number of schools are reportedly encountering similar phenomenon in their classrooms.

Some schools have even turned to religious leaders to help cleanse their classrooms of sinister forces.

Media camped outside one school reported hearing screams from the classrooms but were prevented by officials from entering the building.

Medical experts blame both the widespread news about the initial 'possessions' as well as hot weather for the odd epidemic.

Source: Daily Mail

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