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Bizarre 'UFO' Rock Found in China

A massive and incredibly ornate-looking stone anomaly was uncovered by a villager in China who took a leap of faith that could turn out to be rather profitable.

Xia Changjun noticed a portion of the odd rock on a hill while he was driving down the road and it amazed him so much that he stopped the car and tried to unearth the strange object.

Realizing that this was a bigger job than he expected, Changjun actually purchased the rock from the property owner and set about digging it out of the ground.

When it was finally extracted, the rock was revealed to be a little over five feet tall and weighed a whopping six tons!

The strange shape of the discovery has left experts puzzled and unable to definitively say whether it is occurred naturally or if it was the handiwork of an ancient civilization.

Proponents of the latter theory suggest that it could have served as some sort of altar for religious ceremonies in the distant past.

Hopefully the find will be further examined in order to determine it's true nature, although getting Changjun to relinquish the piece may be rather difficult.

The proud owner of the puzzling stone told Chinese media that he's already been offered $14,000 for the object, but he has no plans to sell it because it is too special to him.

Prospective buyers should not give up hope, since he may change his tune once he tried to bring the rock home and can't find any room for the gigantic conversation starter.

Source: The Sun

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