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Black Awakening: Rise of The Satanic New World Order

Black Awakening: Rise of The Satanic New World Order

An occult expert told George Noory Tuesday night that the rise in satanic blood ritual crimes may be linked to a conspiracy to initiate the New World Order.

On C2C occult expert, ordained minister and author Russ Dizdar said he believes that covert "psi-warriors" have orchestrated the rise of satanic related crimes as part of a template of pure evil. Their intent, steeped in mysticism and terror, is to unleash worldwide chaos.

Working with law enforcement agencies, Dizdar said he first began investigating occult-related crimes during the 1980s. He soon came to believe that while some possession cases may have been caused by illness, others were actual demonic possession created "by design," he told George. "There was an actual template to all this."

"There's radical evil and we've faced it," he elaborated. "We've seen it in history – with the Nazis and others. Radical evil leads to the destruction of humanity always."

Embracing the dark side, these purported satanic forces will stop at nothing to ferment an agenda that includes human sacrifices, ritualized bloodletting and the programming of mind-controlled assassins, Dizdar said.

There are now generations of unwitting victims that have fallen prey to ritualized occult abuse by the organized forces of darkness. "The rise of real full possession is really off the charts!" he told C2C.

In 1991, according to Dizdar, several operatives of this so-called "radical evil" met with him and made known their sinister agenda.

The agents actually initiated the meeting, he divulged. They believe themselves to be "psi-warriors," and one was a powerfully trained-assassin warrior.

They wasted no time getting to the point. "As a matter of fact, they took my shirt and ripped it open to see if I had a recording device to make sure I wasn't going to record them."

And what they told him was more than chilling.

"'Russ you have no idea how deep, how broad this is – you have no idea what we're plotting,''' they said.

"'We're going to bring down the nations. We're going to bring in a new order. We're going to bring in a new world leader. You have no idea how close we are to this,'" they added.

And, Dizdar said, they even have a name for their malevolent agenda.

They "call it The Black Awakening – a chaos that will collapse it ALL."

For the full fascinating interview with Russ Dizdar click here.
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