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Black Eyed Kid Caught on Tape?

A paranormal researcher attempting to unravel the mystery of the Black Eyed Kids phenomenon claims to have captured one of the entities on film!

The unnamed investigator, who posts his work on YouTube, has produced a number of videos detailing his research into the infamous BEKs.

A recent piece of footage from the man has proven to be particularly tantalizing as it allegedly shows a Black Eyed Kid lingering outside his door.

The researcher says he was able to lure the entity there by playing a specific frequency which he believes is some kind of 'language' used by the BEKs.

Testing this hypothesis, the man set up a camera pointed outside his front door and played the staticky sound throughout the night.

The experiment did not yield much in the way of fantastic events until the fifth night, when the sensor light on the house turns on and reveals the distinct presence of what appears to be a young woman standing in the darkness.

According to the man, the BEK "stood there for over an hour before disappearing" and he could not find the entity anywhere on his property when he searched the area soon afterwards.

While there is no doubt that the footage is undeniably creepy, one would be wise to practice skepticism when it comes to such a fantastic video.

The anonymous nature of the researcher along with his remarkably well produced videos raise suspicions that he could simply be a skilled storyteller and filmmaker rather that someone legitimately on the hunt for the Black Eyed Kids.

That said, should the video be genuine, then one would hope that the 'frequency test' can be repeated by others looking to conjure BEKs as well.

Whether it would be wise to do so likely depends on what happens once you meet them.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the unnerving Black Eyed Kid phenomenon can check out the 3/30/2015 edition of the program featuring researcher David Weatherly.

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Source: Express

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