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Black Knight Satellite Destroyed?

Black Knight Satellite Destroyed?

A strange story circulating among conspiracy theorists over the last few days claims that the infamous 'Black Knight Satellite' has been shot down by the Illuminati!

Much like the notorious Planet X, the alleged satellite has long been a part of UFO lore due to various accounts of mysterious objects being spotted orbiting the Earth.

Eventually, these seemingly unrelated stories congealed into the Black Knight Satellite legend after NASA photographed a dark, anomalous object during a Space Shuttle mission.

Since then, the narrative surrounding the satellite generally says that the object is an alien device tasked with watching over the Earth and that it is over 10,000 years old.

Although largely existing on the fringes of UFO research, the Black Knight Satellite found its way into the news again recently in a scenario worthy of its checkered past.

Late last week, a video appeared online that showed a glowing object streaking across the sky before breaking up and subsequently disappearing.

The footage was accompanied by a backstory of how the object was the Black Knight Satellite and that this was the moment that it was destroyed by a secret mission orchestrated by the Illuminati.

Taking the tale even further into the fantastic, the footage was purportedly procured via a secret server used by WikiLeaks and then surreptitiously posted to YouTube by hackers hoping to reveal 'the truth.'

Fortunately for fans of the Black Knight Satellite, it appears that the entire story was fabricated as diligent researcher Scott Brando discovered that the footage was actually from the 2010 re-entry of the Japan's Hayabusa probe.

Having thwarted an 'alien invasion' back in December, Brando can now also apparently be credited with having saved the Black Knight Satellite as well.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the legendary object that some believe to be ETs spying on Earth can check out the 1/14/2017 edition of the program featuring writer and filmmaker Damon T. Berry.

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