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Black Triangle Sighting Transformed UFO Investigator

Black Triangle Sighting Transformed UFO Investigator

After coming face to face with a black triangle UFO, a "by the book" researcher underwent a startling transformation -- from being an investigator to a witness!

Former Department of Defense and Homeland Security protocol expert and UFO researcher Chase Kloetzke told C2C that after encountering the black triangle phenomenon firsthand, she changed her approach as an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Intrigued by UFOs since she was a teen, what prompted Kloetzke's innovative "boots on the ground" methodology was her own gripping first-hand sighting, she said.

In 2010 she had a close encounter that she described as "brutal."

"It was a case I had in Tennessee," she revealed.

"There was another MUFON investigator with me, the witness, and a couple of his cousins. We had gathered out in the middle of this great big cornfield for a panoramic view because the witness had seen not only triangles before but orange orbs."

"So we're in this field and we're setting up my equipment and I see this one light coming toward us," Kloetzke told C2C.

"It's pretty high in the sky but not as high as a plane. It's coming – it's steady – I'm making those observational notes in my head," noting speed, altitude and range of movement, she said.

"As it's moving in, closer to the cornfield, you start making out these are three separate lights. They're all together and forming a triangle. Then it becomes very clear."

"You see this object blocking out stars. There's a very, very dark difference. You can see just how big this craft is.

"I can't say it was gliding. It wasn't flying. It wasn't floating. But it moved. It never changed speed, altitude. It just literally went right over our heads.

"And as an investigator – I'm kind of flipping out – it's right THERE!!"

Quickly checking their gear – meters and multiple cameras – the investigators discovered nothing was functioning at all – something that UFO witnesses characterize as a "battery drain".

"Here is something I've been waiting for pretty much most of my career and …nothing's working," she said.

Kloetzke said that as soon as the black triangle disappeared out of sight, suddenly "everything was back online."

"At that point we realized we were investigators turned into witnesses," she said.

For the full fascinating interview with MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations, Chase Kloetzke
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