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Bob Gimlin Reflects on Famous Bigfoot Film

One half of the famous duo behind the legendary Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film has opened up about how the seminal footage changed his life.

In a lengthy piece at the website Outside Online, Bob Gimlin recalls the ironic turn of events which led to the 1967 trip which spawned the Bigfoot film and the devastating fallout from the footage.

According to Gimlin, he had no interest in the legendary creature, but was persuaded to make the journey to Bluff Creek after his friend Roger Patterson begged him to go and investigate alleged footprints found there.

In retrospect, he expressed deep regret over agreeing to go with Patterson, telling the website that the trip and subsequent film ruined his life.

This profound remorse centered around the enormous amount of ridicule that Gimlin and his wife faced over the controversial film.

He recounted how his wife would be repeatedly mocked at her bank teller job by customers wishing to amuse themselves at her expense.

The harassment became so bad, he said, that it almost destroyed their marriage.

Additionally, Gimlin became seen in his hometown of Yakima, Washington as either crazy or a liar by those who did not believe in Bigfoot, despite his insistence that he did, indeed, see the creature.

Making matters worse, a dispute with Patterson resulted in Gimlin selling his share of the film for a mere $10 dollars, meaning that he did not even profit from the footage, despite what his detractors may claim.

And, with Patterson passing away only four years after the footage was shot, Gimlin was left as the sole witness to the event and was left alone the bear the brunt of critics and skeptics ever since.

Fortunately, his tale has a redemptive ending as, after decades of reclusiveness, he finally decided to begin attending Bigfoot conferences to share his story beginning in 2003.

It was at these events that he realized that there was a vast community of Bigfoot enthusiasts who revered him and considered him almost a religious figure in the field.

"They accepted me with what you call open arms," he marveled to the website, "this turned my whole life around."

Coast Insiders looking to hear more from Bob Gimlin can check out his 4/16/2016 appearance on the program where he provided an in-depth recounting of the events surrounding the famous Bigfoot film.

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Source: Outside Online

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