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Bon Appetit: The Titanic's Last Meal Menu For Sale

Bon Appetit: The Titanic's Last Meal Menu For Sale

The Titanic’s last lunch menu, saved by a passenger who scrambled aboard Lifeboat 1 before the doomed ocean liner vanished beneath icy waters, is up for grabs. First-class passenger, Abraham Lincoln Salomon, saved the menu from what was almost his last meal. He was aboard the notorious Lifeboat 1, the so-called "Money Boat" or "Millionaire’s Boat", as it was dubbed by press of the time.

Rumors had spread that one of the rich passengers had bribed crew members to row the boat as far away from the sinking ship. Allegedly, they didn't want to risk saving other floundering passengers soon caught in a deadly undertow. Salomon's lunch menu, which listed corned beef, dumplings and other savory items, is signed on the back in pencil by another first-class passenger, Isaac Gerald Frauenthal. They may have lunched together that "night to remember" in 1912.

Online New York auctioneer Lion Heart Autographs estimated "the last lunch menu" will garner an estimated $70,000 for its chilling offering. The September auction marks the 30th anniversary of the "unsinkable" ocean liner's discovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The seller is purportedly the son of a man who was given the items by a direct descendant of one of the survivors of Lifeboat 1.

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