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Boy Photographs 'Guardian Angel'

Boy Photographs 'Guardian Angel'

While taking pictures out of the window of an airplane, a young boy in Texas captured an amazing image that his mother believes may show his guardian angel.

According to Kerri Liles, her seven-year-old son AAsher loves taking pictures using his parents' cell phone.

And so, during a particularly bumpy flight from Washington to back home in Texas, she let the youngster snap some pictures of the sky outside the airplane.

When she later went to delete the photos to make space on her phone, AAsher's mom was stunned to see a truly remarkable cloud formation that bears a striking resemblance to a person.

Kerri theorized that the jaw-dropping anomaly may have been the boy's guardian angel watching over him during the flight which had begun with a particularly rocky takeoff.

Although skeptics will cite pareidolia as the source for the 'angel' seen in the sky, one can't help acknowledge and maybe even marvel at just how distinct the figure's head and limbs appear.

Lest some suspect that the image was created by AAsher's mom, who is a photographer, Kerri insists that the image is genuine and that the 'figure' really was outside the window of the plane.

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Source: Houston Chronicle

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