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Brazen Criminal Gangs Targeting Albinos in Malawi

Brazen Criminal Gangs Targeting Albinos in Malawi

Authorities in the African nation of Malawi are being forced to take drastic measures as targeted attacks on people with albinism have gotten out of control.

Calling themselves 'albino hunters,' gangs of criminals have begun brazenly killing and kidnapping people with albinism, seemingly with no regard for who might witness their nefarious deeds.

Since January, an astounding 11 albinistic people have been killed and a stunning 34 others have been victimized by the gangs, often losing body parts in the process.

The increase in violence against albinos is attributed to witchdoctors who ascribe miraculous powers to the body parts of people born with the condition.

Demand has grown so fervent that some industrious ne'er-do-wells have been known to dig up the graves of people with the condition in order to obtain body parts that they can then sell.

In an effort to send a strong message that the crime spree will not be tolerated, police have actually been authorized to take down the criminals with deadly force if they are caught attacking an albino person.

Additionally, vigilante mobs have turned the tables on the 'albino hunters' and started targeting them for retribution.

With albino people in Malawi being called an 'endangered species' by some police officials, hopefully the spate of strange attacks can be curtailed before it is too late.

Source: News24

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