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Breathtaking Cloud Filmed in Brazil

Residents of the Brazilian city of Caxias were amazed earlier this week when they spotted a breathtaking but bewildering 'rainbow cloud' formation in the sky.

Jean Oliviera managed to filmed the wondrous event which left witnesses awestruck and racing for their phones to also capture the moment.

While imaginative minds may think that it the cloud was a UFO in disguise or perhaps the opening of a portal to another world, there is actually a fairly prosaic explanation for the colorful event.

According to weather experts, the formation is known as an iridescent cloud and it is created via the refraction of light by water droplets.

Although the natural explanation may disappoint some paranormal enthusiasts, the fact that such small particles could spawn such an awesome sight is nearly as fantastic as an ET origin for the cloud would have been.

Source: Weather Channel

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