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British Village Baffled by Sudden Influx of Tourists

British Village Baffled by Sudden Influx of Tourists

Residents of a small British village are flummoxed over why their quiet town has suddenly become a tourist hot spot.

For the past few weeks, busloads of Chinese tourists have descended upon the village of Kidlington for no apparent reason.

Attempts to ask these tourists why they chose to visit the village have proven futile, since they do not speak English.

Nonetheless, they seem to be fascinated by the town and flock to modern houses to take pictures of the homes and cars.

While some denizens find the odd influx amusing, others are not quite as enamored with their unexpected visitors.

Recently some residents were forced to call the police as the tourists starting picking flowers from their garden and peeking into their windows!

The prevalent theory for the sudden popularity of Kidlington is that the town has begun being marketed as a typical English village by Chinese travel companies which provide tours of the country.

Other suggested reasons include incorrect rumors that the town is the filming location for the Harry Potter films or that the visitors are due to a surreptitious social experiment orchestrated by nearby Oxford University.

Whatever the case may be, it would probably be best if Kidlington embraced their newfound status as tourist destination because it seems like the busloads of visitors have only just begun, whether the residents like it or not.

Source: BBC News / UK Metro

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