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Bus Driver Claims to Have Seen Source of Massive 'Alien' Prints

Bus Driver Claims to Have Seen Source of Massive 'Alien' Prints

The strange story surrounding massive 'alien' footprints found in an Indian village continues to evolve as a bus driver now claims to have spotted the entity behind the odd impressions.

Shivayya Gavimath says that he encountered the 'alien' this past Wednesday evening while driving a municipal bus.

From the driver's seat of the vehicle, he was stunned to see a white creature that appeared to be seven or eight feet tall and possessed "big hands and legs."

According to him, the sighting was relatively brief as the beast quickly "hopped" across the road in front of the bus and disappeared.

Unnerved by what he has just witnessed, Gavimath told the conductor of the bus as well as the passengers and they implored him to keep driving away from the frightening scene.

While the bus driver's account may sound rather fanciful, a subsequent investigation by villagers from the area reportedly produced a new set of footprints from the creature that were different from the ones found earlier in the week.

A forest official with the Indian government allegedly confirmed the discovery to the New Indian Express and noted that the fresh prints had a distance between them of five feet.

With two separate 'alien' incidents purportedly having occurred over the last week, police say that they're going to increase patrols even more in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the weird mystery.

Source: New Indian Express

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