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Bust of the Greek God Pan Found on Mars?

Bust of the Greek God Pan Found on Mars?

In the search for signs of an ancient civilization on Mars, an anomaly hunter may have found signs of a character from our planet's own distant past: the Greek god Pan!

The intriguing discovery was made by researcher Scott Waring as he studied the latest images released by NASA from their Mars Rover.

Waring could not believe his eyes when he spotted the distinct visage of the half-goat, half-man deity that the Greeks associated with various aspects of nature.

He speculated that perhaps the tales of ancient Greek gods such as Pan were, in fact, imparted to early humans by Martians.

Skeptics, of course, will dismiss the purported 'bust of Pan' as merely another case of pareidolia.

And while that very well may be the case, this particular potential instance of the phenomenon stands out for the sheer amount of detail that can seemingly be perceived.

As such, in the annals of anomalies purportedly found on Mars, the bust of Pan may be one of the very best yet, even if it is just a trick of light and shadows.

Source: UFOSightingsDaily.com

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