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C2C's 7 Oddest News Items of the Week

C2C's 7 Oddest News Items of the Week

A trio of eggs from this odd amphibian known as an olm, an alien festival in Argentina, and an unorthodox gator attack in Florida are among the cavalcade of strange and unusual news items featured at the Coast to Coast website this past week.

Love is in the air this Valentine's weekend, so spend seven minutes in heaven with our seven strangest stories of the week:

  • The latest find from anomaly hunters looking for oddities in Martian images is a 'worm-like' object discovered in a transmission from the Curiosity Rover. While some are touting it as further proof that the Red Planet is teeming with life, others dismiss it as simply another case of pareidolia. We'll let you decide.
  • As we were celebrating ET Culture Day here in America, Argentina was also honoring our 'space brothers' with their annual Alien Festival. Featuring an ET costume contest and renowned UFO researchers presenting their latest findings, the event was expected to draw an astounding 30,000 visitors. With that many attendees, there almost had to be an alien or two lurking in the mix.
  • One news story that we're hoping that the ETs don't hear about came from Florida as a man was arrested for throwing a live alligator through the drive-through window of a Wendy's. The man's mother claims it was merely a harmless prank, but authorities beg to differ and have charged him with numerous crimes for his alligator antics.
  • If there is anything more chilling than mysterious disappearances, it just might be the opposite phenomenon: people who seemingly appear out of nowhere. Brent Swancer shared a number of bizarre cases of mysterious appearances which sound uncannily like possible time travelers or interdimensional entities that took a wrong turn somewhere in the ether.
  • Back in the here and now, scientists in Slovenia are eagerly awaiting the hatching of three eggs belonging to a strange amphibian called an olm (seen above). Often compared to the mythical dragon due to its appearance and long lifespan, they rarely reproduce successfully, so the potential for three new olms entering the world has biologists buzzing.
  • Unlike olms, bacteria are prolific and, at times, problematic for the human race. And they are also still surprising us as we learn more about their abilities. This week researchers revealed that the entire body of a bacteria is similar to an eyeball, which allow the organisms to sense light and then adjust their movements accordingly.
  • And, finally, we wrap up the week with a strange poltergeist case out of Spain. The epic tale involves shadow people, doors swinging open on their own, and a séance involving a Ouija board. Investigated by local authorities, the case is truly confounding and a stark reminder that opening doors to the 'other side' can sometimes bring back uninvited visitors.

Be sure to check out our In the News section here at the Coast website for more strange and unusual news stories throughout the week.

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