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C2C's Coolest Animal Stories of 2015

C2C's Coolest Animal Stories of 2015

The creatures that live amongst us here on Earth can often leave us as confounded and awestruck as the best UFO or Bigfoot tale. Here at the Coast to Coast website, we've chronicled some of the occasions from this past year when animals amazed, attacked, and amused.

During 2015, scientists discovered incredible abilities heretofore unseen in nature, such as when researchers observed sharks swimming inside a volcano and the first-ever biofluorescent turtles were found.

Researchers even managed to decipher the dreams of sleeping rats!

The tenuous relationship with humans and animals was also put to the test this year when a town in California was gripped by squirrel attacks, England was faced with an onslaught of sea gulls, and a mother bear at Yellowstone was forced to fend off tourists.

Animals and technology are always an interesting mix. In 2005, we delighted in videos of a teenager entertaining a gorilla with his cell phone and a colony of ants performed an impromptu dance party around an iPhone.

However the interplay isn't always as friendly. Witness this eagle attacking a drone in mid-air.

Other creatures were seemingly more apt to adopt our modern conveniences, like the octopus in New Zealand that made headlines by becoming an amateur underwater photographer or the monkey that became embroiled in a legal battle over ownership of its selfies.

And, of course, spiders maintained their bizarre grip on the human psyche this year. Beyond it's sea gull infestation problem, England was also faced with the frightening prospect of an impending arachnid invasion.

Should such a terrifying thing occur, they probably won't want help from the lawyer who pulled a gun on some fake spiders.

Whether it was the world's ugliest dog, the monkey that caused mayhem in a Florida suburb, or the discovery of an 200-year-old giant salamander, the animal kingdom continued to be a source of boundless wonderment.

We can only imagine what they must be saying about humans as the year draws to a close.

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