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C2C's Six Spookiest Ghost Stories of 2016

C2C's Six Spookiest Ghost Stories of 2016

In a manner more befitting a Kardashian, it seems like not a week or two went by during 2016 without a ghost appearing online in some strange form or fashion.

Indeed, one of the few upsides to the ubiquity of cell phones, cameras, and other recording devices has been an incredible number of videos and photos which may have captured a ghost and this past year featured a slew of them.

With that in mind, here are six of the most memorable ghost stories from 2016 that just may confirm that there is something on the 'other side.'

  • Probably the most unnerving video which made the rounds this year was chilling security camera footage from a hospital in China which seemingly showed the soul of a woman leaving her body.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum but still worrisome in an altogether different fashion was a weird video that also came from China and showed a 'possessed' teddy bear suddenly come alive next to a sleeping child.
  • Following the loss of her beloved dog, a North Carolina woman was astounded when an apparent apparition of the animal seemed to appear while she was filming with her cell phone.
  • A mom visiting a museum in Glasgow with her son was gob smacked after seeing the uncanny outline of a ghostly child in a photo she took during the trip when her son was standing right beside her.
  • What began as a family trip to the playground turned into a potential paranormal experience for a family in Rhode Island when they were stunned to see the swings moving violently on their own.
  • In the perfect example of how ghosts have grown to resemble your average teenager with an Instagram account, there was this weird photobomber that appeared in the background of a teenage girl's selfie.

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