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C2C's Top UFO Stories of 2015

C2C's Top UFO Stories of 2015

The UFO phenomenon remained as elusive and enigmatic as ever in 2015. Promises of breakthrough revelations fell by the wayside, cracks continued to appear in the wall of secrecy surrounding Area 51, and a myriad of tantalizing videos emerged which left UFO enthusiasts debating, buzzing, and speculating.

While we wait and hope that 2016 will finally be the year that the UFO mystery is unraveled, we take a look back at some of the top UFO stories featured on the Coast to Coast website over the past year.

The biggest story of 2015 also turned out to be the most disappointing as breathless speculation and inordinate hype from some corners of the UFO research community led to the unveiling of the now-infamous 'Roswell slide.'

Purported to be the image of a dead alien, the slide was quickly debunked by researchers once it was finally revealed to the public.

Area 51 made headlines once again in 2015 as a panel of ex-CIA employees presided over a panel which aimed to distance the mysterious facility from the UFO phenomenon.

Around the same time, a family in Nevada that lived next to the notorious military base spoke out about what they said were attempts by the government to harass them into selling their land.

As one can expect, 2015 had no shortage of amazing UFO photos and videos. While too numerous to chronicle them all here, a pair of sightings which particularly raised eyebrows included a huge craft photographed over Nevada and an odd object seen over Arizona.

The most widely covered UFO footage arose in November when social media went into a frenzy and national news responded in kind over a mysterious object seen, photographed and videotaped by multiple witnesses.

Despite the excitement, the event was later said to be a due to a Naval missile test. At least, that's what they want us to think.

UFOs maintained their position as a truly global phenomenon in 2015 as newsworthy UFO encounters took place in locations as diverse as Japan, Brazil, and Australia to name but a few.

Of course, UFOs in the skies above Earth are just one realm of UFO sightings reported in 2015 as researcher also reported spotting craft hovering around the ISS and in the Martian sky.

In the world of disclosure, while we're still waiting for Donald Trump's stance on ETs, President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and addressed the topic of UFOs.

And UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett theorized to the Washington Post that the Clinton campaign may be poised to reveal the truth about the 'cosmic Watergate.'

Speaking of which, we're also still waiting to learn more about the strange story of a Top Secret FBI memo that was allegedly discovered by a Japanese UFO group.

2015 may not have left us any closer to solving the riddle of UFOs, but the phenomenon continued to provide a wealth of intrigue and food for thought over the last year.

As unpredictable as UFOs may be, we can be certain of one thing: they will continue to vex us in 2016.

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