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CA City Turns to Faux Coyotes to Fend Off Sea Lions

In an effort to dissuade sea lions from jumping unto docks and boats, one coastal California city is hoping to put a scare into the creatures by way of some faux coyotes.

Officials in Newport Beach recently acquired eight of the menacing models to be placed in areas of the city's docks where sea lions are known to flock.

The remarkable replicas, which sport ominous-looking teeth and appear ready to attack, are enough to scare an unsuspecting human, much less any sea lion that happens to encounter them.

So far, it would appear that the plan has been mildly successful as complaints about sea lions roaming the docks seen a slight drop.

However, authorities tasked with policing the area say that the coyotes may only offer a brief respite as, in a testament to their intelligence, the sea lions are expected to eventually figure out that the creatures are fake.

Before they come to that conclusion, though, one would assume that there will be a few tense weeks among the sea lion community where they argue over how and why a coyote wound up on a boat.

Source: OC Register

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