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CA Cops Nab 'Bad Santa' Stuck in Chimney

CA Cops Nab 'Bad Santa' Stuck in Chimney

A California man with visions of the perfect caper dancing in his head found out the hard way that taking a trip down a chimney is a job best left to Santa Claus.

While trying to illegally enter a business in the city of Citrus Heights via their chimney, Jesse Berube became stuck and was forced to call 911 for help.

Rescue workers quickly responded and managed to extricate the 'bad Santa' from the situation by pulling him out of the chimney.

Although he emerged from the predicament unscathed, Berube quickly found himself restrained in an altogether different way when cops slapped some handcuffs on him after they arrested him for the burglary attempt.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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