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CIA Insider: Dark Sorcery Controls America With Death Magic

CIA Insider: Dark Sorcery Controls America With Death Magic

A researcher with deep ties to the intelligence community joined Coast to Coast AM earlier this week to discuss the inner-workings of the secret societies he believes secretly control America.

On C2C researcher and author Kris Millegan said that key clandestine secret societies may employ a bizarre hierarchal technique called "death magic".

What this is, Millegan explained, is that by killing, they gained power. The more they killed, the greater the power.

Targeted ritualistic slayings of key individuals would not only help achieve their sinister aims but also psychologically cripple the American nation, Millegan told George.

And the source of his inside information? His own father who had easy access to highly sensitive classified information.

Not only was Millegan's father a psychological warfare specialist during World War II serving with the OSS, he was also branch officer in eastern Asia for the CIA's Head of Intelligence Analysis.

Millegan recalled, how in the 1960s, his father confided in him on the cusp of his 20th birthday about the secret societies that really ran things, and he had no idea what he was talking about.

He said that his late father told him it was time for a talk and then lead him into another room.

Sitting young Millegan down, his father told him, "The Viet Nam war was about drugs. There's secret societies behind it. And communism is all a sham. These same secret societies are behind it ALL. It's one big game."

Millegan said he initially dismissed the claims.

But, after conducting an exhaustive thirty-year investigation into his father's statements, he learned to feel very differently.

He now believes that a psychological war has been conducted on the American people by covert intelligence agencies working in tandem with secret societies.

This conclave consisting of the secret power elite and their intelligence community minions manipulate the darkest forces of the occult to further their aims, he told C2C.

"It's about power and control – control of our future," Millegan said, elaborating that sociologically many secret societies employ a similar Pyramid-like power structure. "There seems to be some mystical basis that they have" in common complete with comparable occult symbology.

Using ritualized magic to compel supernatural forces, Millegan claimed that many of these secret societies date back to some of the earliest settlers in the 13 American colonies.

The descendants of those settlers, bound to the secret society, then became some of the wealthiest and most powerful families to dominate America – both economically and politically.

And to maintain that power, blood rituals involving human sacrifices, were said to be involved.

"You could classify these folks as sorcerers who use death magic," Millegan said.

"They believe that by killing, they get power."

And most notable of these deaths, Millegan claimed, was the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy!

For the full compelling interview with Kris Millegan click here.
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