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California Town Besieged by Killer Bees

California Town Besieged by Killer Bees

A beekeeping mishap in the California town of Concord unleashed a swarm of bees into the community that some fear may be of the 'killer' variety.

The alarming episode stemmed from an attempt by beekeeper Arthur Janke to relocate a hive, setting off an army of bees that were none too pleased to be bothered.

After attacking Janke and actually piercing his bee suit, the swarm of angry insects moved along to his nearby parents and then flew off into the community to wreak havoc.

It appears that nothing was safe from the bees once they went into battle as Janke's neighbor was stung over 50 times and the swarm actually took the life of two unfortunate dogs that lived next door to the beekeeper.

At some point following the frenzy, the bees dissipated but police warn that they may still be lurking in the area waiting to strike again.

As for why Janke's presumably beloved bees would suddenly snap, it is believed that they may have been displaced or infiltrated by the infamous 'killer bee' strain of honey bees which are incredibly aggressive.

Wildlife experts are now examining some of the downed bees from the attack to determine whether they were truly 'killers bees' or just bees looking to kill.

Source: Discovery News

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