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California Wiccan Uses Magic to Fix Computers

California Wiccan Uses Magic to Fix Computers

A Wiccan Reverend in California has found an unusual outlet for her magical skills: eradicating computer viruses.

According to Joey Talley, her supernatural techniques have yet to fail when called upon by her clients to solve tech support issues.

Using magical spells, potions, charms, and stones, the Reverend can allegedly rid a computer of issues in a matter of hours.

The innovative use of her gift arose after one of her clients complained of a faulty garage door opener and turned to Talley for help in fixing it.

"I just went into the office and I went into a trance and I felt everything, and, as I recall, I remember feeling a block inside the wall and clearing out the block. He didn’t have any problems after that," she told Motherboard.

Since then, the self-proclaimed psychic has developed quite the following around Silicon Valley for her unorthodox tech solutions.

Contrary to what security experts say, Talley contended that computer viruses are actually caused by demons and not nefarious malware programs.

"Think of demons as entities—they eat, they absorb energy, and they want to be fed. Computers are a vast store of electromagnetic energy," she explained to Motherboard.

Unfortunately for these demons, Talley is all too aware of their weaknesses and defeats them using magic that even McAfee apparently cannot muster.

Source: Motherboard

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