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Can the Titanic Treasure be Saved?

An astounding array of artifacts from the Titanic are set to be sold soon and a filmmaker synonymous with the doomed vessel hopes that he can help save the treasure.

The company that owns the cache of relics declared bankruptcy last week and announced that they are going to sell a jaw-dropping 5,500 items recovered from the wreckage.

In response to this development, director James Cameron has joined in an effort alongside Dr. Robert Ballard, who originally discovered the wreckage, to prevent the pieces from falling into the hands of private collectors.

The pair are working with the UK's National Maritime Museum as well as England's Royal Geographical Society to ostensibly outbid any other prospective buyers who might be interested purchasing the collection which is valued at over $200 million dollars.

Collectively, they aim to bring the artifacts, which are tragically sitting in a warehouse in America, back to Belfast, Ireland where they can be put on display in a museum.

Among the items in the collection are pieces of the infamous ship, clothing and jewelry once owned by the ill-fated passengers of the ship, and an assortment of other personal objects such as a child's marble and a pair of glasses.

Whether Cameron's collective can be successful remains to be seen, but thankfully the company that is selling the items says that they will be sold in total and not auctioned off individually.

Beyond the slew of recovered objects being sold, the company also owns the salvage rights to the vessel, which has raised some concerns that the wreckage could fall into the wrong hands.

However, one would assume that anyone willing to spend such a massive amount to acquire the collection of artifacts would also be respectful of wreckage that remains on the ocean floor.

Source: Daily Mail

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