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Canadian Airliner Narrowly Avoids UFO!

Canadian Airliner Narrowly Avoids UFO!

A small passenger plane flying toward Toronto on Tuesday had to suddenly change course when faced with a UFO directly in its path!

The Porter Airlines flight carrying 58 people detected the mysterious object on radar as it approached an airport in Toronto for landing.

With the UFO obstructing their course, the pilots were forced to quickly steer the plane into a sharp dive.

The evasive maneuver was so unexpected and tumultuous that it actually left two crew members injured and, no doubt, several passengers extremely rattled.

Fortunately, the flight was able to continue onward from there without any further incident.

Regarding the nature of the UFO, the initial possible explanations of a drone or a hot air balloon have been met with skepticism by aviation experts.

They point to the fact that the incident occurred at 9,000 feet as an indication that the mysterious object could not have been a UAV.

Nonetheless, that is what aviation officials in Canada have cited as the source of the UFO, although they plan on investigating the case further in the hopes of finding a definitive answer.

Hopefully, in this instance, the anomalous object will have a prosaic answer, since it might otherwise mean that the ETs are living up to their pre-election claims and are actually moving to Canada.

Source: Daily Mail

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