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Canadian Hotel Bemoans Stolen Toe

The outraged owners of a Canadian hotel say that someone has stolen the essential ingredient used in their bar's trademark drink: a human toe!

Dawson City, Yukon's Downtown Hotel announced that a miscreant recently made off with the displaced digit used for their world-famous drink known as a 'Sourtoe Cocktail.'

The creepy concoction consists of a shot of whisky containing a human toe with drinkers required to touch the appendage with their lips in order to receive a certificate for their 'achievement.'

Partaking in the cocktail has become a wildly popular feat at the hotel with tourists visiting from far and wide to sample the strange drink.

However there isn't much celebrating going on at the Downtown Hotel these days after a ne'er-do-well pilfered one of their prized toes.

"This was our new toe, and it was a really good one," lamented the hotel manager in a press release, "we just started using it this weekend."

The freshly-minted toe is believed to have been taken by a man who talked the bartender into serving him the drink after the two-hour window, known as 'Toe Time,' when the shot of whisky is served.

Although the bar has backup toes in anticipation of such an incident, they are hopeful to recover the stolen digit since, as one employee said, "toes are very hard to come by."

Clearly not thinking his crime all the way through, perhaps because he had been drinking, the thief left behind his 'Sourtoe Cocktail' certificate which bore his name, so tracking him down probably won't be too difficult for authorities.

Should the crook return the toe to the hotel, he probably will manage to avoid any punishment, otherwise they plan to fine him $2,500 and, presumably, he'll be charged for absconding with appendage.

Whether his own toe can be offered as a form of restitution remains to be seen.

Source: CBC

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