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Canadian Man Encounters Praying Mantis Entity!

Canadian Man Encounters Praying Mantis Entity!

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles.com reported to C2C how a Canadian TV director's meditation session turned otherworldly when it seemingly triggered an encounter with a praying mantis entity!

The experiencer, who used the initials 'G.S.' to protect his identity, recalled how this particular session in the Summer of 2010 seemed different from previous times he had meditated.

After feeling a different type of energy course through his body, he underwent "a kind of out-of-body experience where I was flying through our solar system."

G.S. eventually reached a black void and then felt "a very intense focus on me" and suddenly a "huge face and eyes appeared before me — something I had never seen in any pictures, had never read about."

He later likened the visage to a praying mantis and speculated that the entity was between twenty and thirty feet tall.

Although overwhelmed by what he was seeing, G.S. did not have time to register the being's strange appearance because he was soon flooded with "waves of thought energy" that filled him with a sense of love.

He also sensed that this was not his first encounter with the entity, who revealed that G.S. had also once been a mantis-like being.

The entity told him, "you had to come to Earth to learn certain lessons and one day, we'll be united again in this form as we once were."

G.S. reflected on how the entity's enormous size and odd appearance was disorienting, but "the minute those eyes met mine, I just knew it was like being home."

Based on his communications with the being, he surmised that Earth is "a school for the soul" that is used by many different types of entities.

To that end, during his encounter with the entity, G.S. sensed that he was experiencing his core identity and that all of his previous lifetimes had been simply superimposed over this initial incarnation.

As their conversation came to a close, the man was told that his 'lessons' on Earth must continue but that he'd be reunited with the entity in the future.

Looking back on the experience and how it changed his perspective, G.S. marveled that "we are physical containers for a more subtle consciousness and dimension."

As for the role of humans in the cosmos, he mused, "we are not the only unique life and there is a consciousness that travels and is spread everywhere in the universe just the same. In fact, that is the only reality."

Linda's complete report can be found at Earthfiles.com and Coast Insiders can hear Linda's full appearance on the program by clicking here.

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