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Canadian Teenager Discovers Lost Mayan City!

A 15-year-old boy from Quebec, fascinated by astronomy and the Mayan culture, appears to have located a lost Mayan City which, until now, had been unnoticed by archaeologists.

Incredibly, William Gadoury made the remarkable find after developing his own theory that Mayan cities throughout Central America coincided with the constellations.

His idea was inspired by the conundrum of why the Mayans built their cities away from prominent water sources which would be critical for survival.

Remembering that the culture worshipped the stars, Gadoury turned his attention to space to see if that may provide an answer.

An exhaustive test of the hypothesis by the boy showed that, indeed, there was a correlation between the stars and the cities except for one spot at the Yucatan Peninsula.

The inquisitive teen then obtained satellite images of the area through the Canadian Space Agency and saw that the remote jungle location seems to have some kind of structures.

Considering that an astounding 117 Mayan cities matched constellation points based on Gadoury's research, it is a safe bet that there is certainly something significant in the area.

The teen hopes that his discovery can be verified by an exploration of the location, but it may be some time before that happens due to the impervious nature of the site.

Nonetheless, the potential discovery should provide hope for amateur researchers looking at the mysteries that vex us, since it shows that answers can sometimes come from 'weekend warriors' with little training beyond an insatiable interest.

Should the city be confirmed, Gadoury has already chosen a name for the site: K’aak Chi or "Mouth of Fire."

We would have picked Gadouryville, but it's his call.

Source: Gizmodo

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