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Car Crash Topples 'Haunted Pillar'

A legendary 'cursed' landmark in Augusta, Georgia known as the 'Haunted Pillar' was destroyed in a car crash over the weekend.

The 10-foot-tall stone object dates back to the early 1800's and survived both a massive fire in 1828 and an unexpected cyclone in 1878.

The pillar's fortitude apparently impressed the city as they subsequently moved it to a different location and an urban legend grew around it.

According to local lore, an 'exhorter' put a curse on whoever would dare to take down the pillar, declaring that they would be struck by lightning and killed.

In time, tales of foolhardy individuals who attempted such a feat and met their demise became part of the fabric of Augusta, leading to the site literally becoming a 'pillar of the community' and a popular tourist destination.

Unfortunately, the hex may soon be put to the test following the accident on Sunday that saw a car careen into the pillar and send it crumbling to the ground.

Ironically, the man behind the wheel, Cory Tyler, actually credited the pillar with saving his life, since it stopped his car from crashing into the storefront behind it.

Hopefully Tyler still feels that way after the next thunderstorm rolls through town.

Source: WRDW Augusta

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