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Cassini Captures Incredible Saturn Images

The latest images from NASA's Cassini probe provide an unprecedented and breathtaking view of the infamous hexagonal storm at Saturn's North Pole.

Made possible via a new orbit for the spacecraft around the Saturn, the photos are easily the most detailed look at the vexing storm that have ever been seen.

NASA also used a series of filters to capture various versions of the planet's tumultuous North Pole, allowing for an incredible array of perspectives.

The 'Polar Hexagon' of Saturn has baffled astronomers since it was discovered over 30 years ago and there's hope that these new glimpses of the storm will shed fresh light on the mystery.

Despite various theories surrounding what may have caused the shape of the storm, no definitive answer has been determined.

Boasting six 8,600-mile edges, the Polar Hexagon is both literally and figuratively one of space's biggest mysteries.

Over the next few months, Cassini will likely provide a wealth of new insights into both the storm and the planet itself as it approaches its final, fiery and destructive descent into Saturn's atmosphere.

Source: Sky and Telescope

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