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Cassini Photographs Saturn's 'Wavemaker' Moon

Cassini Photographs Saturn's 'Wavemaker' Moon

NASA's Cassini probe captured a remarkable image of a diminutive moon which actually orbits Saturn between the planet's enormous rings.

Known as 'Daphnis,' the five-mile wide moon resides in a 46-mile wide space, dubbed the 'Keeler Gap,' that separates two of Saturn's legendary rings.

This latest image is the closest Cassini has ever observed Daphnis and the incredibly detailed perspective provides insight into the process which has provided the moon with the nickname the 'wavemaker.'

As can been seen upon closer examination of the image, a slight wave appears at the edge of one of the rings as the moon passes over it.

Additionally, a wispy line, consisting of particles from the ring, can be seen wafting towards the moon due to the gravitation pull of the relatively tiny celestial object.

With Cassini due to end its mission this coming autumn, the incredible views provided by the probe will likely continue to amaze as the craft flies closer and closer to the planet until crashing into Saturn in a blaze of glory.

Source: NASA

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