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Castaway Survivor Accused of Eating Fellow Shipmate

Castaway Survivor Accused of Eating Fellow Shipmate

An El Salvador man's harrowing tale of survival is being called into question by an unlikely source as he is now being accused of eating his fellow castaway!

Salvador Alvarenga washed ashore last January after spending 15 months aboard a crippled fishing boat that had drifted out into the Pacific Ocean.

Forced to survive on turtle blood and hand-caught birds amongst other unsavory edibles, Alvarenga's story was not without tragedy as his best friend and fellow fisherman Ezequiel Cordoba starved to death early into the ordeal.

Now back in El Salvador after being rescued in the Marshall Islands, Alvarenga is poised to profit from his incredible adventure with an impending book and movie deal.

However the family of his departed shipmate have slapped Alvagenga with a $1 million dollar lawsuit alleging that his survival was helped by the fact that he ate Cordoba.

Alvarenga's attorney claims that the lawsuit is merely an attempt by Cordoba's family to profit from the survivor's newfound fame and that his client never succumbed to cannibalism.

Should the case go to court, expect fireworks if surprise witness Wilson the volleyball takes the stand.

Source: Daily Mail

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