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'Cat Shaver' Prowls Virginia City

'Cat Shaver' Prowls Virginia City

Cat owners in the Virginia city of Waynesboro are being told to keep a close eye on their furry feline friends following a series of strange incidents.

Over the last few months, authorities say, someone has been surreptitiously abducting cats from one specific neighborhood in the city and shaving them!

According to the Waynesboro police department, seven cats from the area have fallen victim to the rogue groomer since December.

The unfortunate felines were found with their stomach, groin, and legs shaved by the dastardly, razor-wielding individual.

Cops note that the cats were all well groomed and wearing collars, indicating that the perpetrator knew they were going after pets and not feral or stray animals.

Thankfully, it appears that the shaved cats were otherwise unharmed aside from whatever trauma they may have suffered from the weird ordeal.

Nonetheless, the shavings have become so unsettling to some residents that they have begun posting signs in the neighborhood to warn people that the ne'er-do-well in the midst may target their cat next.

Theories for who may be behind the capers range from teenage pranksters to an unstable individual with an odd obsession.

Police are advising people in the area to report any suspicious activity they might see, specifically "someone bothering a cat that is not theirs."

Source: Daily Progress

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