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Ceres' Bright Spots Solved?

Ceres' Bright Spots Solved?

Another tantalizing space mystery appears to have been solved as NASA now believes they know the cause of the strange bright spots photographed on the dwarf planet Ceres.

The phenomena, which were first seen in images captured by the space agency's New Dawn probe this past spring, spawned excitement amongst anomaly watchers who suggested that the spots could be a sign of alien life.

However a new study from NASA theorizes that they are merely caused by hydrated magnesium salts.

If that substance sounds somewhat familiar, you may know it better by its Earthly name 'Epsom salt,' the home remedy beloved by grandparents around the world.

NASA speculates that the spots are formed when deposits of magnesium sulfate mix with water and ice to create a haze that illuminates on the surface of Ceres.

How the salt deposits become hydrated remains a mystery, but astronomers surmise that some kind of impact on Ceres creates the conditions necessary for the spots to form.

Since NASA stressed that these findings are merely conjecture at this point, the possibility that the spots are from some sort of alien activity could still be on the table.

Perhaps they are a foot bath used by weary aliens as they travel across the cosmos. Until we know for sure, anything is possible.

Source: Space.com

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