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'Charlie Charlie' Causes Panic in Colombia

Nearly two dozen schoolgirls in Colombia suddenly became possessed by some form of evil or mass hysteria after playing a Ouija-like game.

The panic began when four girls reported to the nurse's office after having fits which included shouting, convulsing, and hallucinating.

It soon took hold throughout the school until an astounding twenty-two girls were exhibiting the bizarre symptoms.

One afflicted girl even claimed to see a man in black that threatened to kill all of the children and other victims were actually foaming at the mouth from the unnerving outbreak.

Medical officials could find no specific cause for the puzzling incident which eventually came to an end when the girls returned to normal.

It is believed that the bizarre incident was caused by 'Charlie Charlie,' an alleged method of communicating with the 'other side' by balancing pencils on a piece of paper.

'Charlie Charlie' game burst into the zeitgeist last summer and quickly spread in popularity around the world, although it is often attributed to merely a social media advertising campaign for the movie The Gallows.

Despite its dubious origins, the game clearly had an effect on the Colombian schoolchildren, showing the remarkably potent power of belief.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about 'Charlie Charlie' can check out Ouija Board expert Robert Murch's 6/16/2015 appearance on the program.

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Source: Mirror

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