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China Building Giant Telescope to Find ETs

China Building Giant Telescope to Find ETs

The Chinese government is forcing 9,000 of its citizens to relocate so that construction can be finished on an enormous radio telescope that will be used to search for aliens.

Once completed, the 1,640 foot diameter telescope will be the largest in the world and will boast the ability to search twice as much space as the famed Arecebo telescope.

Much like the SETI project, the Chinese 'supertelescope' will attempt to find radio signals emitted by extraterrestrials in space.

Coming with a price tag of $184 million dollars, the construction of the telescope raises a few questions about just what the Chinese government may know about ETs and, in turn, UFOs.

One school of thought argues that the telescope reveals that China has no answers to the UFO enigma and is just as clueless about the phenomenon as the rest of the world's governments claim to be.

While proponents of a UFO cover up would likely disagree with such an assessment, building an enormous telescope to search for ET signals is quite the elaborate ruse to trick the world into thinking that you don't know aliens exist.

However, another possibility is that there is a driving force behind the telescope beyond mere curiosity and that perhaps the Chinese have a specific location in mind that they will be looking at once the device is operational.

Whatever the true agenda behind the project may be, it would be an ironic twist if the enormous telescope actually turned out to be an accidental beacon for aliens who spot it from space.

Source: New York Times

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