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China Eyeing Dark Side of the Moon

China Eyeing Dark Side of the Moon

China's space agency has an ambitious plan to make history with a mission to the mysterious dark side of the moon.

According to Chinese media reports, the nation hopes to land a probe on the enigmatic half of the lunar surface in 2018.

Due to the moon's locked rotation, its far side cannot be seen from Earth and has long been a source of intrigue for astronomers.

Amazingly, the area had never even been seen by humans until the advent of space exploration and photographs of the dark side were obtained in 1959.

The Chinese mission will be the first space endeavor that actually explores the surface of the lunar region.

UFO conspiracy theorists have long pointed to the dark side of the moon as a potential location for possible ET evidence, since its hidden nature would have ostensibly allowed for easy access to Earth without detection.

Presumably once humans began exploring space, any aliens that may have been on the dark side of the moon made a hasty exit, but hopefully they left something behind that will be found when China arrives in 2018.

Source: PhysOrg

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