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China's 'Horse Deer' Caught on Film

For the first time ever, researchers in China have obtained footage of a mysterious creature dubbed the 'horse deer.'

The enigmatic animal, which resides in remote parts of the China, is not an unknown species, per se, but has long perplexed scientists due to its unique appearance and extremely small population.

With only around 100 of the animals thought to exist, very little was known about the creatures until one was captured in 2004 and DNA tests showed that it was a new species of deer.

However the now-named Ebi Lake Red Deer remained rather elusive until a recent research project successfully managed to capture footage of the animal.

Considering the creatures' incredible small population, the film may be all the more remarkable in that it could ultimately be the only footage of the Ebi Lake Red Deer should the animal's numbers continue to dwindle.

And, like all intriguing wildlife footage, it should give hope to Bigfoot enthusiasts that someday Sasquatch will finally stumble into view of a game camera like the Chinese 'horse deer' eventually did.

Source: Mirror

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