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China to Create Animal-Cloning Factory

China to Create Animal-Cloning Factory

In an effort to feed their ever-expanding population, China has begun construction on a massive factory which will produce cloned livestock as well as other 'copied creatures.'

The $31 million dollar facility is expected to produce an incredible 100,000 cow embryos a year with the goal of ultimately supplying meat for five percent of the Chinese population.

With construction of the facility already underway, cloned cattle spawned from the first-of-its-kind factory is expected to reach dinner tables in China sometime next year.

The controversial food source has been banned in Europe, but declared safe in the United States, although how much cloned animal meat is being served in America remains a hotly debated topic since labeling of such food is not required by law.

Beyond beef, the Chinese cloning factory is expected to reproduce champion race horses as well as dogs which can be trained for disaster recovery efforts and drug trafficking investigations.

The groundbreaking business also aims to serve as a sanctuary for endangered species in the hopes of rehabilitating their populations via cloning procedures.

Source: Vice

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