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Chupacabra Attacking Animals in Mexico?

Chupacabra Attacking Animals in Mexico?

A series of strange animal attacks in a Mexican village have rendered residents terrified as they suspect that the killings were the work of a chupacabra!

The infamous blood-sucking monster has been blamed for the death of more than 35 animals over the last few weeks in the village of Choloma.

Among the animals that have fallen to the mysterious predator are 30 sheep, several goats, a horse, and even three unfortunate dogs.

Amazingly, one witness claims to have spotted the chupacabra in action as it was preying on some of the animals late at night.

Nely David Martinez purportedly saw "a black shadow" form around the goats in a pasture where he works.

This nebulous form, he said, seemingly killed the goats in a sudden fashion as they all fell to the ground almost instantly and then the mysterious shadow simply disappeared.

Unfortunately, Martinez could only watch the eerie scene unfold because he had become paralyzed in fear by the bizarre sight.

Although Martinez did not describe the 'classic' chupacabra, he expressed the opinion that it was notorious cryptid behind the attacks, possibly due to the unique way in which the animals died.

Considering the sizeable body count already amassed by the creature, villagers are now worried that it could turn its evil eyes towards human as potential prey, specifically unsuspecting children.

And, beyond the sleepless nights caused by these concerns, the financial toll from all of the lost animals is also said to be devastating for the village.

Between the bevy of attack animals and the general sense of terror inflicted upon the village, the chupacabra has once again lived up to its reputation as cryptozoology's most fearsome creature.

Source: La Tribuna (via Google Translate) / Image: Josh Crockett

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