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Chupacabra Skull Found in NM?

A self-described treasure hunter in New Mexico suspects that he may have unearthed the skull of a Chupacabra!

Armed with his trusty metal detector, Martin Mcosker has been searching for riches for the last 15 years and has managed to find a number of weird objects in his travels.

However, it was his dog that was responsible for Mcosker's latest and most puzzling discovery yet: an eerie-looking animal skull that he believes could be from a Chupacabra.

The curious canine sniffed out the decomposing creature in some dirt, which led to Mcosker investigating the area and recovering the odd cranium.

Sharing his speculation that the skull came from the infamous blood-sucking cryptid, Mcosker mused to TV station KOB, "I couldn't think of anything else that it could be. I mean look at the teeth on the thing."

Expressing relief that his dog did not stumble upon the creature when it was still alive, the amazed treasure hunter marveled about the skull, "this is what nightmares are made of."

While skeptics may disagree with Mcosker's assessment that the remains came from a chupacabra, they likely would be willing to concede that the monstrous nature of the skull is, indeed, some quality nightmare fuel.

Coast Insiders looking to go in search of the chupacabra can check out the 9/19/2015 edition of the program featuring Fortean researcher Nick Redfern detailing his personal investigations looking for the notorious creature.

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Source: KOB

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