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Classroom 'Ghost' Spooks College

An eerie piece of footage from a university in England caused some students and teachers to suspect that there is a ghost lurking in their midst.

The vexing video shows what looks to be an apparition of some kind sitting at a computer in an empty classroom and was posted to the Stockton Riverside College Facebook page.

Since it appeared online last week, the footage has caused a small furor at the university with students and faculty attempting to spot the spirit that haunts the room.

However, administrators can hold off on calling in an exorcist as staff at the school have managed to solve the mystery of the ghost.

According to one of the professors who oversees the classroom which serves as a computer lab, the 'ghost' is merely an infamous 'trick of light and shadow.'

Specifically, the 'spirit' is the result of a complex series of reflections happening at the same time.

"If a student is in the other classroom, then the light must bounce off about four windows and the door of a server cabinet," Paul Abley told Gazette Live, explaining that these circumstances make "this semi-transparent reflection show up in the perfect place."

The remarkable optical illusion has captivated visitors to the window, because seeing the ghost requires a certain combination of timing and illumination for it to occur.

So while the university may not harbor a ghost, it does boast an awesome 'attraction' that will no doubt delight visitors during the next parents weekend.

Source: Gazette Live

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