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'Claw Master' Collects Massive Haul

A Chinese man famous for his extraordinary ability to garner prizes from arcade claw machines says that he snatched an astounding 15,000 toys in the last year!

Chen Zhitong made headlines last year when the story of his strange skill was first reported and now a new interview with the 'Claw Master' indicates that his mysterious power has grown.

"When I play the toy claw machine, the owners are not happy," Zhitong told Great Big Story, "some buy me meals and beg me not to play their machines."

It would appear that their bribery attempts have only emboldened him as Zhitong revealed that he acquired a jaw-dropping 15,000 dolls in 2016.

For those wondering just how the Claw Master manages snag so many toys, he cited three key factors when it comes to finding the right machine to play.

According to Zhitong, the strength of the claw as well as its angle and the layout of toys provide a clear indication to knowing players who are looking for a machine that will yield the most plush prizes.

One would assume that a considerable amount of practice and, therefore quarters, are also a critical requirement.

Should someone follow in the footsteps of the Claw Master, one drawback that they should be prepared for is the challenge of storing the vast amount of toys collected from the game.

For Zhitong's part, the Claw Master decided during the past year that keeping all of the toys had become too much of a burden and so he opted to donated 1,000 of the dolls to a school for blind and deaf children.

Why, exactly, he felt the need to keep the remaining 14,000 toys remains a mystery, but one would be remiss to question the wisdom of the Claw Master.

Source: Great Big Story


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