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'Cloud City' Appears Over China

Onlookers in the Chinese city of Yeoyang could not believe their eyes when they spotted what appeared to be a series of buildings floating among the clouds in the sky.

In a sign of the times, witnesses rushed to film the 'cloud city' with their cell phones in order to share the wondrous sight with their friends on social media.

While some imaginative outlets have suggested that the event may have been a glimpse of an alternate dimension or parallel universe, the strange scene actually has a rather prosaic explanation.

According to experts, the 'cloud city' was merely the result of skyscrapers in Yeoyang being obscured by a weather phenomenon with the terrifying moniker 'radiation fog.'

Fortunately, ominous-sounding radiation fog is not radioactive and is just what happens when moisture in the air condenses due to a drop in temperature on the ground.

A similar and even more dramatic 'cloud city' in China became a viral sensation back in October of 2015 and also conjured fantastic theories until it was determined to be a mirage.

In light of the ever-increasing amount of smog that continues to choke many cities in China, one suspects that we may be seeing 'cloud cities' of a different kind in the not-too-distant future.

Source: Daily Mail

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